This may be the case of the Poveglia Island, in the Venetian lagoon, where in the past thousands of people died of bubonic plague after 1750 till 1810/14. Some ignorant people affirm that in Poveglia there have been around 150,000 victims. This is not demonstrable, and in addition it is certainly false.

What we know for sure is that the island went through bad moments, just like so many other islands: the Old and the New Lazaret islands and many more. Their name alone implies that they had a lot to do with people affected by plague, typhoid, yellow fever, cholera, or other infectious diseases, which were, at that time, fatal.

Venice suffered from the plague in 1347, 1575 in 1630/31, also in the great memories of the Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni, in 1656 and then again in the second half of the 18th century, even though it did not affect Venice directly, but it contained the contagious disease hailing from the East, by ship, quarantining goods and sailors, just like it happened on the island of Poveglia, as instructed by the Magistrate of Health Services, several years later.


Island of Poveglia

After that, Poveglia Island became an hospice for elderly people, which had a psychiatric ward that housed not only elder demented patients, but, rarely, also young people and adults. For these reasons horrific endless stories started to spread, but without foundation, for example the presence of a director, who committed suicide; worse than Mengele who could have been defined as a ‘saint’, if compared.

Up to a certain time Poveglia was a military garrison, being close to the only access road to the lagoon from the sea (Malamocco Port). Poveglia was inhabited by nearly 6000 people, they were so many that the Venetians did not consider those people as Venetians, but “Povegliotti”. At the end they remained a few dozen, but not because of the plague or other unspeakable tragedies. Then, after a period of militarization, which had been useless, it was used as harbor for boats and a storage for goods and equipment on board; but actually it became a “lazaret”, a place for “quarantine” only since 1782, when the Magistrate of Health Services took control of it.

Lazzaretto Vecchio fossa appestati

skeletons  in island of Old Lazaret


So it is just a tale that 150,000 people died of the plague, perhaps it is an exaggerated figure, however, this amount may mainly refers to the Old and New Lazaret ( Lazzaretto Vecchio, Lazzaretto Nuovo)  and in small measure to Poveglia. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries many employees in the Old Lazaret (and not in Poveglia) considered “guardians of the health care” were executed because they either did not do their work or because they would steal the dead bodies from their few personal effects and/or goods still in quarantine. The last death sentence linked somehow to the plague was pronounced in 1751, when Francesco Lorenzetti, a “maragon” (carpenter)  from Pieve di Soligo (Treviso), was shot by command of the Magistrate of Health Services in front of the door of the same magistrate because he had been sent to work in the Old Lazaret where he stole a piece of silk subjected to isolation, thus coming from an infectious place.

plague doctor

plague doctor

Now we wonder why so much clamor around Poveglia. At the point that it is named abroad as “the island from which nobody comes back”. And it is considered (wrongly, of course) one of the top ten most haunted places in the world.

It is about historical misrepresented information, which has been altered and manipulated, that we can understand why. However, we still have the recent evidences of paranormal investigations based on wrong historical information. Among those there is a “research” made ​​by the old @GhostAdventures which we consider “picturesque”. Of course it is not their fault; it depends on the false information they got.

There is a cute and undoubtedly brave @Zak_Bagans wearing a beak mask, filled with aromatic herbs, which was part of the suit of the plague doctor as a ghost trap. But no one has ever told the unaware Zak that the mask he wore was never used in Poveglia, which became “Island for  quarantine” only after 1782, and that the mask was used during the plague of 1630/31, in 1656 and in 1575 (another major outbreak) had not been invented yet. It is just for this reason and for its gossip that Poveglia deserves a serious paranormal investigation, to understand why and if it is true that there it seems to be so much “residual energy”.

I recently saw on YouTube a different kind of investigation for the sole spectacular purpose where a normal black American family had been sent just to Poveglia Island. The only result was that they were scared to death. Personally I do not judge, I only say that after 15 minutes my stomach had a sign of dissent and I watched something different. If you are thinking about doing a serious research that can be as much as objective, please feel free to contact me. There is also the intention to make a documentary or a television series. Moreover, in Venice and in the other islands, one could make dozens of documentaries about the paranormal phenomena.

There are places much more haunted than Poveglia Island in the city of Venice and in its lagoon. The list is not ordering these places according to their importance:

1 between the two columns in Piazza San Marco executions took place, among those burnings and public hangings, tortures, use of incandescent grippers.

 2 the two islands of the New and Old Lazaret

3 the city hospital in Venice, especially the oldest part, and the soil.

4 the sea hospital of the Venice Lido, now abandoned

5 Ca’ Dario or Dario Palace . (in any case this is the top!)

Ca Dario or Dario Palace

Venice: Ca’ Dario or Dario Palace


7 The Orphan Channel in the Venetian Lagoon where heretics were drowned with a stone around their neck.

8 Some public and private buildings overlooking Canal Grande


Actually, the whole city of Venice, city of Mestre included, and all the mail islands such as Lido, Giudecca, Murano, Burano, Torcello, and other minor islands, which have all, more or less regular, paranormal activity. To conclude, it is the perfect stage for those who are active in the paranormal field.


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