Parallel Universes

We’re watching that progress in research are made exclusively through the insights, experimentation on new devices. But let’s see together the key points of the research.

It is now proven that everything has an electromagnetic nature, this energy is much stronger on the same scale. A trivial example is that we are nailed to the ground through the gravity, which keeps us in orbit around the sun, but at the same time, we manage to raise a glass and overcome such force so if we let it down, it could fall broken to earth.

At the same time a simple and small magnet attracts an iron clip making to escape it from gravity
Now it is very strange that gravity is so weak. One explanation could be that this energy is present in other universes and therefore could be another thread that binds us to the multi dimension

Many physicists are finally together in M-theory that agrees the existence of 11 dimensions and that the strings, rather membranes, even better yet, the “brane” contain multiple universes, including ours.

Now we must not think that these branes are enormous. Our perception of space and time does not allow us to be sure about the size. We will have three: top down, left, right, back and forth. But it is our perception. So we might as well be smaller than a subatomic particle and absolutely not realize it. Furthermore other universes could be so close to our as if they were superimposed upon our or distant just a few millimeters to microns

The quantum is concerned with the incredibly small and the theoretical physics with the incredibly great . Now we know that the order as well as theorized by Einstein about incredibly small doesn’t exist , everything is moving, uncertain, undefined. And is this order that a little’ destabilizes

As said, let’s talk about parallel universes. As absurd as I could be living here, just born in another universe and dead in another. I could be in this conventional time, but even in prehistoric times or a million years ahead. This may explain a few things about the transcendent: entities that continue to live their lives, and others that consciously know they are in a different state, others who live in a universe fruit of their desires or their anxieties.

Now these universes, to be more precise, some or many of them, you could even call different planes of existence, but we have no confirmation of this. But we know that there is a real chance to open and close windows between the different planes of existence, and between universes.

This would explain the multi-dimensional communication, apparitional phenomena. acoustic and kinetic

Given this multitude of universes are in different times and places, so unconventional, the thread that binds all is the soul of love and energy (electromagnetic), as you will recall that I said to be much more powerful of the gravitational energy and time, or similar
We also know that there are gravitational tunnel that can lead to enormous distances in a few moments.

And when we speak of “door” is not that in the end we are talking about more or less the same thing? Perfection does not exist, then there may also be randomness that allow you to open these doors, or the intention to open them

The transition between our reality and another plane of existence is as say, the transition between our universe and another. The light is not only one traveling at nearly 300,000 km per second but is also electromagnetic energy (electrons) and is undulatory and variable.

In the transcendent when we talk about beings of light, we are also talking of beings formed by masses of thinking electrons . Everything is transcendence and everything is science. Sooner or later it will go hand in hand

And it is for this reason that we as researchers and passionately of the paranormal, must be attentive to every technological development of science because the result slowly bring us to knowledge.

We must take note of our limited perception, and the technology has always been supportive. In the paranormal concept does not change

No one denies the transcendent aspect, also when viewed in a more pragmatic perspective. A trivial example: Massimo do you believe in beings of light? The answer is yes because I am convinced that are masses of “thinking” electrons

By this I mean that I have no problem believing that there are beings of light, and their function, but also give me a reason of their nature. Science doesn’t give unprovable the transcendent but explain it, and the quantum has taken wonderful this responsibility

Massimo Rossi

translation : Monica Nikita Prometti

Monica Nikita Prometti: I had the pleasure to meet Massimo Rossi in some paranormal communities. He’s a researcher studying paranormal activities applying technical devices, sometimes intervening personally on changes in instrumentation. In his thirty-year career can be defined as the most experienced researcher in Italy and I am very pleased that he asked me my  cooperation for translation in the English language



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