Paranormal and much more (Poveglia Island)

Today it seems nearly embarrassing to name it so. It is necessary to formulate some theories, which day after day are being demonstrated in order to better deal with the topic.

I have to start from a very far origin to give even only a minimum credibility to my speech.
For example we start with the concept “reality”. Each of us could answer without even thinking about it.
Reality is everything that can be perceived from one or more than one of our senses. But it is more correct to say: “our reality” or “subjective reality” is everything that each of us perceives by “one or more than one of the 5 senses”. From this the question: my reality is identical to the one of the others?

The answer is “NO”. For convention we say that when I see a color which for me is “yellow”, I can not assert that for sure what I see is identical to the yellow that others may see. In fact, I am speaking about “my yellow”, elaborated form the perception of “my reality”. So if the subjective reality exists, objective reality must exist too.

Let’s make an example: the light we see is at the centre of the spectrum of the opposite lights, the infrared and the ultraviolet ones. The fact that we do not see it, it does not mean that it does not exist. And so it happens with sounds and their whole range, we can hear only between a certain amplitude, while dogs and other animals can hear much more than us.

Once demonstrated that our 5 senses are developed in a functional way, but also limited today, we must admit that we should seek to have a broader vision of reality, where its boundaries are extended or, rather, it is not so rigidly subjective.

Being human, we have the disadvantage of being influenced by what one can not understand: ideas can be diametrically opposed, absolute skeptics and absolute gullible ones. The first ones are based solely on their subjective reality, in the certainty that subjective reality coincides with objective one and everything else has no reason to be studied because it is only the result of unprovable assumptions or tricks; the second ones deem it as not immediately explicable, but even what can actually be explained as paranormal or supernatural, which is in the field of objective reality going beyond our 5 senses.

Einstein’s Special Relativity showed that (unlike the Newtonian one) space and time are connected to each other. Then the Quantum Mechanics (also known as quantum physics, or quantum theory) and String Theory have gone far beyond that. So since many of us are not theoretical physicists, we can only investigate with few available resources and especially with a lot of humility on certain aspects of a reality among the infinite objective realities. This is investigating the paranormal.

Nevertheless thousand of things that are not perceived by our senses have been part oh the objective reality: for example radio waves exist even without seeing them and without hearing them, directly by the auditory sense, but for more than 100 years we can listen to them by a simple radio using one of our 5 senses.

As things stand every paranormal investigation is based on assumptions and not on certainties. First of all, about energy. Every action in a research always starts with an “from the premise” (or “it is presumed that …”). It is not a good start, that’s for sure. However, “from the premise…” it is assumed that the entities – whether residual or intelligent – are made of electromagnetic energy and/or can alter the environmental levels to manifest themselves, a tool used to measure electromagnetic fields (loss of electricity) now it is used to see if we can be in the presence of energy/entities electromagnetic in nature, or able to alterate the environment.

A sudden drop in temperature in the room may be an indicator of the presence of an entity that absorb heat or energy to manifestate. As you have read, I have written “it may be” and not “it is”.

About the EVP, I will not spend too much time explaining what they are, on the contrary we have had some evolution in the sector. At the very beginning one recorded cassettes and tapes and these captured not only the voice of the alleged entity but also radio interference. In order to avoid this, the tape recorder was placed inside a Faraday cage. But skeptics (aware that this excluded the radio interference) began to presume that it was a strange phenomenon linked to the “secondary” vocal cords voice, so much was the desire to communicate with a deceased loved ones. The applicant is not aware that he – practically – self answered on his own and the sound was very weak almost imperceptible, but recordable and audible and if one paid a lot of attention.

Then there was the spirit box, still in vogue today, they are still scanning up and down the AM/FM frequencies at set times ranging from 100 mls to 500 mls. “Since…” it is assumed that the energies/entities can use the white noise to give them a voice.

Then there were the digital recorders, which do not suffer from the problem of interference, but the skeptics may say that they could still record the phenomenon of the sound from the secondary vocal cords.  But this may not be for the simple reason that the EVP sounds are impossible to be heard directly by the ears and have frequencies other than audible. In my opinion, the EVP is a phenomenon that will stand up to the most skeptical ones.
If what you may hear is as a matter of fact voices “interactive and /or sentient and /or endowed with consciousness,” or thoughts are “alive” or whatever, this is all to understand.
Further, finally: cameras and infrared cameras and then ultraviolet ones to cover the whole spectrum of light, to see where our eyes can not see; that’s fine. But what happens sometimes to capture, are they “presence”?

I won’t discuss now the religious issue of infestations, obsessions and possessions. I am only saying that being agnostics denies a spirituality whether it is benign or malignant, which certainly does not mean that they do not exist.

I am planning to do surveys during regressive hypnosis. Hypnosis that brings out the spirits of past lives or aliens who can create behavioral problems to the person in the everyday life.

For those few who have seen or thought they saw an apparition sometimes indistinguishable from something real, or like black, white or gray masses. I do not doubt their good faith, but here too, the line separating the rare phenomenon of the physical appearance from a hallucination is really thin , in fact may it be the same thing. Since decades I deal with paranormal and only once have I seen an apparition. I can not say where, but I can say that I was not doing an investigation, it was about noon with a bright sun. The figure was “almost” transparent inside a room, I could see the hair color (light red) white dress with gathered sleeves at the wrists. The figure was a bust and I assume it was a woman. The whole thing lasted about 5 seconds, such a little time that I could not take a picture with my mobile phone.

Upstream of all , however, the initial question is this: “Do entities exist? ”

I have fishing line, hook and bait, but, am I sure that where I will go I’ll catch the fish there?

As you can imagine the question now is very complex and we do not see a solution in a short time.

For the same reason (talking about something else) many do not believe in miracles, but the word itself indicates something extraordinary and though many of us have not witnessed a miracle does not mean it does not exist. Christianity and other religions admit the existence of miracles. It ‘a matter of faith. If we want everything that is paranormal can be a matter of faith. But it is different, very different. The paranormal investigation tries to give an explanation for certain phenomena. We don’t have to give an explanation, the miracle as such do not have to be explained, but in case it is only to ascertain the divine origin or not.
Through testimony, miraculous healings, apparitions. That isn’t for sure an acceptable protocol.


We face now the issue of memory, not the one of our brain, but the one of inanimate things. It is a debated topic; recent studies have shown that some materials have a memory of their own structure, ok and well done. Instead we spend a few words on a third-party memory that is absorbed by inanimate materials. May have a foundation that? Quantum Mechanics says “yes, it has”, but it must be demonstrated.

And what about the paranormal?

If a structure can absorb a third-part memory, we’re talking about probable residual energy. Certain places or lands, that have “witnessed” events, may seem emotionally strong in a still unexplained and they may preserve their memory.



This may be the case of Poveglia island, in  the Venetian lagoon, where its story tells of thousands of people who died of bubonic plague after the 1750 until 1810/14. Some ignorant and sly people are stating that in Poveglia there have been around 150,000 victims. This is not demonstrable, and in addition: it is certainly false.

What we know it is true is that the island has been through bad moments, just like so many other islands: the Old and the New Lazaretto islands and many more. Their name itself already implies that they had a lot to do with the plague, typhoid, yellow fever, cholera, all infectious diseases, which were, at that time, most of the time, fatal ones.

Venice suffered from the plague in 1575, in 1630/31 also in the great memories of the Italian writer Alessandro Manzoni, in 1656 and then again in the second half of the 18th century, even though it did not affect Venice directly, but it contained the contagious disease hailing from the East, by ship, quarantining goods and sailors, just like it happened on the island of Poveglia, as instructed by the Magistrate of Health Services, several years later.

After that, Poveglia island became an hospice for elderly people, which had a psychiatric ward that housed not only elder demented patients, but, rarely, also young people and adults, and for this reason horrific endless stories  triggered, but without foundation, like for example the presence of a director, who then committed suicide, and that he was worse than Mengele who could have been defined as a ‘saint’, if compared.

Up to a certain time Poveglia was a military garrison, being close to the only access road to the lagoon from the sea (Malamocco Port). Poveglia was inhabited by nearly 6000 people, they were so many that Venetians did not consider themselves as Venetians, but “Povegliotti”. At the end they remained a few dozen, but not because of pest or unspeakable tragedies. Then, after a period of militarization, which had been useless, it was used as a station for storage and parking for boats and a storage for the equipment on board; but actually it became “lazzaretto”, a place for “quarantine”only since 1782,  in which the Magistrate of Health Services took control of it.

So it is just a tale that 150,000 people died of the plague, perhaps it is an exaggerated figure, however, this amount may mainly refers to the Old and New Lazaretto and in small measure to Poveglia. In the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries many employees in Lazzaretto Vecchio (and not in Poveglia) as “guardians of the health care” were executed because they either would not do their work or because they would steal the dead bodies from their few personal effects and/or goods still in quarantine. The last death sentence, linked in some way to the plague, was in 1751, when Francesco Lorenzetti, a “maragon”(carpenter)  from Pieve di Soligo, was shot, by command of the Magistrate of Health Services, in front of the door of the same magistrate, because, being sent to work to the Old Lazaretto, he stole a piece of silk subject to isolation, coming from places infected with the plague.

Now we wonder why so much clamour around Poveglia? At the point that it is named, abroad,  as “the island from which nobody comes back”. And it is considered (wrongly, of course) one of the top ten most haunted places in the world.

plague doctor

plague doctor

It is about historical misrepresented information, altered, manipulated,  you can understand why. However, we still have the  recent evidences of paranormal investigations based on wrong historical information, one of them is a “research” made ​​by @GhostAdventures which we consider to be at least “picturesque”.


There is a cute and undoubtedly brave @Zak_Bagans wearing a beak mask, filled with aromatic herbs, which was part of the suit of the plague doctor as a ghost trap. But no one has ever told the unaware Zak that the mask he wore was never used in Poveglia, which became “Island for  quarantine” only after 1782, and that the mask was used during the plague of 1630/31, in 1656 and in 1575 (another major outbreak) had not been invented yet. It is just for this reason and for its gossip that Poveglia deserves a serious paranormal investigation, to understand why and if it is true, that there it seems to be so much “residual energy”.


I recently saw on Youtube a different kind of investigation for the sole spectacular purpose, where a normal black American family had been sent just to Poveglia Island. The only result was that they were scared to death. Personally I do not judge, I only say that after 15 minutes my stomach had a sign of dissent and I watched something different. If you are thinking about doing a serious research that can be as much as objective, please feel free to contact me. There is also the intention to make a documentary or a television series. Moreover in Venice and in the other islands, one could make dozens of documentaries about the paranormal phenomena.


Massimo Rossi,

Parapsycologist and Intellectual

See you soon.



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